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You have back pain because you are reading this. This content is directly from me (Dr. Blickensderfer) and this is what I want you to know. Chiropractors are the best at treating back pain over all other health care professionals. I know this is a bold statement but I can make it. Chiropractic adjustments are the best because everybody is trying to copy what we do.

So what sets us apart? The chiropractor is trained to identify the specific area of the spine that is causing the back pain. Is it coming from the facet joints? is it an intervertebral disc swelling? Is it from sacroiliac joint dysfunction? Is it a pulled muscle? (which is of course the most used of all diagnoses even though it is wrong).

Oh, by the way, back pain does not go away in 6 weeks. And who wants to wait six weeks?  Some smart guy studying low back pain called up all of these patients that went to a medical facility and most of them reported that they still had back pain but they simply quit going to the doctor. because they had no relief.

My approach to treatment can be simple or complex based on examination and history. Before I do anything, I explain what I am going to do and why. I like for most lower back pain, no matter how severe, to resolve in less than two weeks. If you have hip or knee replacement, I still treat; I just modify treatment to you. If you don’t like traditional chiropractic adjustments we have several types of instrument assisted styles of treatment.

So in a nut shell, I treat all ages and all sizes. I can be really gentle, gentle, moderate, and regular. It all depends on you.

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