Foot Pain

Foot pain is devastating not only for the normal person, but if you love to hike or run, it can affect your well-being. My approach to foot pain is opposite of the physical therapists; some of the things they tell patients make absolutely no sense at all. I will determine where the pain is generating from and then evaluate the cause.

I check the motion of the foot (tarsals) and see if there are any fixations. Then I evaluate the arch and any ankle or postural alterations. I use a specific tape cast and support developed by chiropractors.This is slowly being copied by other professionals just as the first orthotics produced were in a chiropractic clinic in conjunction with a podiatrist and now they are mainstay and everyone is selling them.

In addition to the above, I will use electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound to help the tissues heal. I don’t give you a drug and cover up the problem. I fix it and then give you simple things you can do to maintain it.


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