Headaches are miserable. You know that if you’re reading this. If you are nervous about seeing a chiropractor for your headaches, don’t be. But I will tell you you are not alone. I really don’t understand why someone could believe that a profession can exist if it hurts people. ¬†I have seen thousands of patients for conservative treatment of headaches. I have trained in both manual and assisted techniques that are gentle, and I even adjust patients who have had neck surgery.

Treatment usually involves correcting a fixation in the upper cervical spine that causes pressure on the muscles and nerves. This can affect the blood supply to the brain. Using electrical muscle stimulation and ice along with gentle techniques to restore normal motion is what I do.

It is very interesting that we get a bad rap from the PT’s and MD’s but more and more of them are copying what we do. Their form of treatment is more than twice the cost with half the results and half the patient satisfaction. Don’t suffer when you don’t have to.



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