Neck Pain

Neck pain is common.

So you have a stiff neck; you slept wrong, fell asleep in a vehicle, have a bad pillow or whatever. You reach for the Motrin, it feels good for a while, then you find yourself taking the maximum dose (or more) (more is better right?) and then realize that you have been doing this for weeks. Enough is enough.

So you decide to try a chiropractor even though somewhere you heard that they are not good. How could a profession survive against all odds if they were not only safe but superior in their approach to your care?

I will evaluate your neck pain; believe me, I have seen a lot of it in 28 years. I know what I am doing. Correcting fixations in the neck whether manually( hands on) or using a proven Instrument such as the activator is where we start. I also will use electrical muscle stimulation or ultrasound along with adjustments. I can discuss some simple things you can do at home (like icing) and also give you home stretching and exercise.

It works. Don’t put it off.

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Blickensderfer Chiropractic, PC is located in west Rapid City. We have over 55 years of combined chiropractor care! We’re a dedicated Chiropractic Practice treating back pain to running injuries.

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