Scoliosis. You have been told you have it, so you are reading this section of my website.  If you have a scoliosis you must see a chiropractor or better yet, see me or talk to me as soon as possible.


Over 60% of the population is born with a leg shorter that the other. It only makes sense that if a leg is short like 3/4 of an inch, the spine will develop a curve called a scoliosis. I am not making this up. Extensive research has been done on this subject and no one listens, even some chiropractors. It is too simple of a concept.  This needs to be ruled out.

The next cause of scoliosis is a functional short leg. If caught, this mild scoliosis can be reversed. It has happened; I have seen it.

Unfortunately the third and most common cause of scoliosis is unknown. Other than cosmetically, scoliosis only bothers when a person is very active and can make your spine very sore.

Medical treatment for scoliosis is basically wait and see. X-Ray and wait to see if you need rods implanted surgically.

Let me know.




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